New Work Magazine

Inspiration through New Work

Magazine by Studio NEWWORK
Written by Kriza Borromeo


Some years ago, I came across a black-and-white info graphic floating around the internet in savvy design blogs. Divided into three parts, the spread displayed data with stark typography and bold black lines all in perfect alignment. Of course the info graphic immediately found its way to my Inspiration folder where I’ve often propped it up when I needed that emotional jolt of motivation.

Recently, I’ve happily been reunited with this spread after browsing (in awe) through NEWWORK Magazine. The magazine currently displays all 6 of its issues which showcase different themes or areas of exploration. On their website, they explain their publication:

NEWWORK Magazine is a large-format Arts publication for connoisseur of fresh ideas. Designed and published biannually by Studio NEWWORK, each issue features new work from a wide range of artists and creators in the worlds of Fine Art, Design, High Fashion, Culture, and Politics. From art directors to business leaders, design students to curators, NEWWORK‘s contributors are united in their passion to push the boundaries of their disciplines. Among the magazine’s special features are bold, custom-designed typefaces and a twist on the traditional newspaper format, offering stimulating juxtaposition of striking design and everyday simplicity. Since pages can be separated, each layout can be hung on the wall as an individual art piece.


Issue No. 1






Issue No. 2




Issue No. 3





Issue No. 4




Issue No. 5



Issue No. 6


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