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Grey Vancouver Skies

Sweaters for Grey Skies

Photography by Kriza Borromeo


Armed with layers of grey, white and black sweaters, I managed to brave through this year’s bipolar winter. One day it’s sunny, and a few hours later it’s raining. But one thing to remember about Vancouver’s winter is that it is very wet which of course, gets into your bones. Unlike Alberta’s winter–where I’ve experienced temperatures of -40 with wind chill–which is pretty dry.

What is the point of all this sweater talk, you ask? Well, as per TRIM’s ongoing series, Travel, Lists & Dreams, it has been a dream of mine to create a lasting wardrobe. I dream to have a closet full of quality items that are curated to my aesthetic; something small but has all that I need and the key is to have the clothes for many years. The idea was to shift the focus from acquiring seasonal “trendy” pieces to acquiring long-lasting pieces that I personally find stylish yet also functional. Within a few months I found that I have amassed a collection of grey, white and black sweate–well, everything. I found that I love it this way, and am still in the process of building that lifelong wardrobe (provided my hips won’t expand twice its size as I expect it to. Thank you, genes). I also blame Mickelli Orbe for this. Somehow, his monochromatic influence has managed to squiggle itself into my fashion subconsciousness and is delegating his preferred cuts and colour schemes in my head.

But of course, it’s mostly thanks to the Vancouver skies for the colour inspiration. I actually shot this on a dull Saturday when it was literally pouring outside; the trees were swinging like mad! Big thanks to my sister who, despite her midterms, decided it was worth getting dragged into the shoot rather than hear me wail for help throughout the weekend. It’s not my fault she had the perfect silvery head of hair. It was practically begging to have its picture taken. Another big contributor is Carmen Bright who despite the unwelcoming weather, came by to lend me her lens. Sankyu.

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