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Bye Bye Love

Bye Bye Love

Photography by Kriza Borromeo


Soon I will have to say good bye to a dear friend who will depart from Vancouver and settle in the eastern shores of Japan…Sadness. Though I’m really happy for the potential adventures he will have in a foreign place, I’ll also really miss him. With his departure in mind, I think it fits rather well with TRIM’s Travel, Lists & Dreams themes. Firstly, he will embark in some form of traveling, that is a given; he has also dreamt of moving to Japan since first visiting it a couple of years ago; and lastly, as a true Aries, he had stubbornly aimed to make this dream move come true come hell or high waters, thus crossing it off his to-do list. With that said, I think he fits in our themes pretty bang-on. Additionally, I think we should appropriately label our to-do list as the “Grown Up List” instead. Surely we’re just crossing off things we’ve always wanted to do “before we get old”. Still, it’s a reason to celebrate.

Here’s to growing older, traveling, being responsible enough to do things we aimed to do, and making dreams come true.

p.s. I’d also like to add that the snowfall Vancouver received (the day after said friend’s farewell dinner) made for some moody photography. Nature was on my side (just not the two days after the snowfall when everything started turning to slippery mush).









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