Thank You
Thank You

What would TRIM be without You?

Written by Kriza Borromeo

It has been one heck of a ride — from when TRIM started up to our exhibition — and I couldn’t have done it without the help of so many people. TRIM is an amalgamation of working styles, a fusion of ideas, a place where creatives come to play. I had the idea of creating a platform where emerging artists and designers are given the opportunity to work on something that — albeit with little funding — allows them creative freedom. On top of that, I also wanted to expand my knowledge and experience in different fields by collaborating with different artists/designers.

TRIM started as a concept in the early months of 2012; five projects, three websites, one print, and one exhibition later, we’re glad to say we’ve grown up! We’ve moved on from our initial form as a publication and are headed toward a more project-centred approach. I can’t wait to begin TRIM’s next phase; we will be exploring new concepts come 2014.

However, I don’t want to move forward without thanking individuals that have dedicated many hours of their time and have given their efforts to the TRIM projects, exhibition and website.

Here’s to the crew!
From the bottom of my heart: Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!






What would TRIM be without these emerging creatives who took that leap of faith toward our collaborative ethos? It began with conversations: a catch-up dinner date with Janice Wu, talking about inspirational material with Mickelli Orbe, going to a hip hop class with Robin Oshiro, and email exchanges with Jasmine Merinsky and D. Kai Wong. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was lucky enough to snatch time from these collaborators’ busy schedules and collaborate on TRIM projects. We had our highs and lows–God knows how many times we said, “Oh the things I do for art”, whilst in the middle of an intersection hauling 10 kg of material for a photo shoot or a meeting. Yes, it was pure passion powered by determination that pushed us forward. I’m so inspired by their work and have learned so much from their ethics. Please take the time to read their interviews and learn more about their individual journeys as a creative.



TRIM would literally be all images and design without the inspiring words put together by our writers. Stacy Thomas, our main writer and first TRIM contributor, is to thank for most of the articles we’ve published. She had interviewed all of the collaborators and brilliantly portrayed their stories as well as the stories of those that inspired the collaborators. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Carmen Bright who provided articles for TRIM x Robin Oshiro’s third issue.




The month leading up to the exhibition, website and print launch was a blur. Everything happened so fast and yet miraculously, everything fell rightly into place. This was due to the fact that I had a small but insanely efficient team of volunteers that contributed their amazing skills to putting the show, website and print together.



Connor Buchanan
Curator, Announcer, Server

Curator extraordinaire, Connor Buchanan, played a pivotal role in putting the TRIM exhibition together. She had done it all; Working with TRIM in administrative roles, helping with installation, announcements, and even serving! On top of all the physical and administrative work, she had played the most important role in keeping me sane despite the difficulties of attaining a gallery space and putting a show together. She has taught me the ins and outs of the gallery environment as well as ingrained in me the importance of lists!

Jacob Kownacki
Planner, Cutting Master Chief, Transit Buddy

I will always remember the week of insanity leading up to the Opening Night, as well as the amount of distance Jacob and I accumulated in transit whilst transporting frames. I thank God for Jacob’s precision–his hand-eye coordination is pretty darn good and unmatched by many. Most importantly, I’m grateful to Jacob for pushing me forward when I had very little inertia to go on.

Anna Bohn
Painter, Cutting Senior Chief

Anna, along with Jacob, was responsible for the cutting and framing of all the art works in the exhibition. She stayed long hours in the gallery–not only to frame artwork but also to make sure that hard to reach corners of the gallery are painted, and the art works are hung perfectly levelled.
I’d also like to thank Taryn Goodwin, Matthew Kim, Steve and my family members who have made it accessible for me to mingle and talk to visitors. Had they not volunteered their time and services, I would be left with doing all the “little things” during the Opening Night. Robin Oshiro, who not only collaborated with me on the third issue, also helped with stabilizing and proofing the designs of the print.

Web Designers

Studio Faculty & Phoebe Chan

Phoebe Chan came to TRIM’s rescue after we had issues with our first website. She readily provided her services as a web designer and periodically updated the second website. Studio Faculty on the other hand, designed the third and current website. They had gone far and beyond their usual mandate as web designers and took the extra stressful steps to launch TRIM’s new website beautifully and on time!




Anna Bohn, Jacob Kownacki, Carmen Bright, Jennifer Ku, Shaghayegh Namazi

These lovely ladies and gents (some mentioned before), lent their talents to TRIM as writers and illustrators. TRIM was able to showcase different layers of creativity because of the unique perspectives of these people!


And finally, thanks to you: the readers and supporters. Family and friends who took your time to listen and view what we’ve accomplished. Thank you for your time and support. And for allowing us to share with you what we’re passionate about. Until next time…!
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