Charcoal Flora

Drawing Spring Flora

Photography & Illustration by Kriza Borromeo


I’ve forgotten to relax during Spring. When I was in school, this time of the year is the most stressful because it was normally the spring semester when I had the more difficult courses. After I graduated, I had also been busy at the beginning of the year; I worked very hard in the first months to plan for my projects, vacations and work hoping that they perfectly line up to my ideal schedule. My life seemed to run through this stressful cycle of spring time planning, summer production, and winter depression (which is when everything is at its most difficult stage or just had ended).

This spring, I decided to take a stand against this self-inflicted vicious cycle and just relax. I wanted to enjoy after-work hours, watch the flowers bloom and exercise. I’ve finally picked up my charcoals again and started drawing. It’s so relieving and….just simple. Working intuitively is what puts me at ease, and this exercise was certainly worth the hours I spent on it. And honestly, I shouldn’t let myself feel guilty “wasting” time on drawing. It takes a lot of will power to stop and seriously appreciate what’s around you.











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