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So here I am, continuing my Jan/Feb themes of Travel, Lists and Dreams. This post is mainly about crossing out a couple of things in my to-do list this year. Firstly, I bought this wonderful package of 100 postcards from Anthropologie in hopes of writing to people who are far away from me. I’ve always loved receiving mail and I think I’d pass it forward and write to people who may or may not be expecting one from me. Don’t worry, the beautiful prints on the postcard would make up for the possibly unwanted surprise. The list of artists are below.
Another thing I wanted to do was to take interior design seriously when it comes to my personal space. Why is this important? Because I’ve reached that age when living like a slob and not believing that my environment actually influences how I work are not feasible options. For realz. I be grown up. I like my place clean and find that I like to incorporate my choice of aesthetics in the place I’m living and items that I own as much as I do in my work.

Brittany Keats Cerullo
Helen Dealtry
Jennifer Parry Dodge
Victoria Garcia
Leah Reena Goren
Kindah Khalidy
Anna Niestroj
Hannah Schultz
Leanne Shapton

Tote Bag
Christmas gift from Faculty

Travel Case
Seoul Mate by Ahra Ko









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