Joy Yiu
Brown’s & Cream’s

The Joy of Spring

Photography by Kriza Borromeo
Styling by Joy Yiu


Joy Yiu is like a magical pixie fairy. Petite and stylish with the perfect haircut, she seems to have descended from an other-wordly fashion realm. I mean, c’mon, the flawless skin with those subtle waves in her hair that only looks better by the hour? That doesn’t happen in real life unless you have Pat McGrath on speed dial.

Once upon a time, I worked with Joy and acquired her number. We found out that we both share the love for fashion despite working on it from different fields: her, as a blogger and myself as an admirer in the form of photographer, creep, etc. We channeled the creative energy garnered from the fashion shows early in the year and decided to work together on a post for TRIM. And so here it is. We hope you like it.

p.s. Thank God for Stanley Park.










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