Diane Espiritu
Ceramic Geometry

Polygon Jars

Photography by Kriza Borromeo
Jars by Diane Espiritu


When I approached Diane Espiritu about taking photos of her ceramics for TRIM, she replied so positively and whole-heartedly–her energy was so contagious, I felt rejuvenated over my simple request. Diane made sure I had everything I needed, and even went as far as dropping off the items herself. It was mind-boggling how genuinely positive and approachable she is…(teach me oh wise one)! When I first laid eyes on Diane’s work, I became a fan on the spot. The quality of her creations are impeccable, her designs innovative, and I can’t say any more about her attitude than the fact that you would want to be working with her, no doubt about it.

Diane is the head designer of Espiritu Design Studio in Vancouver Chinatown. They have a multi-disciplinary approach to their designs, and work with their clients throughout the project. They are “advocates of design innovations in improving well being and bringing delight in everyday living”. I invite you to visit Espiritu Design Studio online for more information and to see more of their works!











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